Tezos Online Poker Sites 2024

Definitive Guide To Playing Poker Online With Tezos XTZ

Tezos Online Poker LogoThe first Online Poker Sites Accepting Tezos (XTZ) on the Internet will likely have a step up on the competition in their banking suites. Tezos is a new blockchain that has taken a different approach to decentralized cryptocurrencies. Unlike other cryptos out there, Tezos, or XTZ, is self-governing and uses a technique called Formal Verification that works to mathematically prove the validity of the code that ultimately directs the transactions made on the blockchain.

The new crypto uses a delegated proof of stake as opposed to other popular cryptos out there that use resource-intensive proofs of work. This means that Tezos users can assign someone else to validate their transactions in their name if they don’t have the resources or knowledge to do the staking themselves. With these updated protocols to their new blockchain, Tezos Online Gambling Sites are likely to become the easiest and most prolific cryptocurrency online gambling sites on the web.

Legally Licensed And Top Ranked Online Poker Sites That Accept Tezos (XTZ) In 2024

Trusted HandshakeWith the new XTZ cryptocurrency emerging that seems to have all the answers that the previous cryptos have struggled to find for themselves, the online poker world has taken notice. Despite the fact that most online poker sites are still giving Tezos a chance to develop in the financial world of decentralized currencies before getting involved, they are likely to begin offering options for XTZ in their banking suites fairly soon.

Below are the highest rated online poker rooms that are most likely to become online poker sites accepting Tezos in the near future. They have all been inspected by our team of experienced online gambling professionals and have been found in the proper gambling jurisdictions and under the strict regulation that is required in the industry.

Site NameBonus OfferU.S.Visit Site
Bovada Casino100% Max $500U.S. FlagVisit Site

Is Playing Online Poker With Tezos Legal?

For US-based players, there are no laws that mandate the use of any specific currencies when patronizing online gambling websites. The laws in the US are largely focused on the specific industries within online gambling, including poker and casino platforms.

The individual states within the US regulate and legalize these forms of online gambling as they see fit and currently there are three states that offer state-based online gambling in the form of real money casino and poker games. Those states are Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada. The residents from those states, along with everyone else in the US (except for residents of Washington state), are free to patronize Tezos poker websites that are located offshore in international jurisdictions and hold the proper regulation.

The same holds true for Tezos Sportsbooks and Tezos online casinos.  The websites featured in this guide are licensed offshore gambling sites that accept USA players.

For international markets outside of the USA, most countries and jurisdictions do not impose the types of restrictions that have been found in American gambling markets. Players outside of North America tend to have more options and fewer restrictions. These international gambling markets have not tried to step in or take over the regulation of decentralized cryptocurrencies and therefore there have been no restrictions placed on Tezos.

The various legal positions that online gambling takes throughout the world can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming but is generally accepted. These laws vary by region but most international jurisdictions allow online gambling outright along with the use of cryptocurrencies in any fashion you wish. We recommend you check with your region’s gambling laws specifically before registering and patronizing any online gambling websites.

What Games Can I Play at Online Poker Rooms?

Multiple variations of poker will all be available at Tezos poker sites. That’s the advantage of playing online; you get more opportunities to play the widest variety of games than anywhere else in the world. Games in varying stakes from the extremely high to basically free, low-stakes games will be available in multiple formats. Texas Hold Em, Omaha, stud poker of several varieties, even 32 card draw and Americana are commonly offered on the internet at poker sites predicted to be accepting Tezos in the near future.

Are There Online Poker Tournaments I Can Play In Using Tezos?

Because the banking method doesn’t dictate the gaming options, you will be able to play in all of the online poker tournaments using Tezos that you would otherwise play in with other currencies. You can find the guaranteed tournaments that guarantee the jackpot amounts, the “Sit N Go” tournaments that are fast paced and designed for busy schedules, and bounty tournaments that offer extra rewards for being the player that knocked off the competition. Be sure to look for the freeroll tournaments as well, these have no entry fees and might end up making you more money than you had to spend on the game in order to play it.

Are There Any Online Poker Bonuses?

We anticipate an entirely new array of bonuses and promotions to be added to each of the websites that we endorse as soon as Tezos gets added in as a banking option. Each poker site offers their own bonuses, incentives, rewards programs and special promos.  The one bonus that you should never register without is the welcome bonus. This is offered at all reputable online poker websites that are expected to offer Tezos and should be a requirement for you as a patron.

Most of the time there will be a percentage attached to the offering of the welcome promotions. It's that percentage by which your first deposit, or series of deposits depending on the website, will be applied. In a 50% welcome bonus with a $100 deposit, you will receive $150 dollars as a welcome bonus just for registering. Poker bonuses are usually distributed incrementally which means the more you play, the more of your bonus money is released to your account.

Can I Play Tezos Online Poker From My Phone?

You certainly can. The sites that will soon be offering the option to fund your accounts in Tezos have already implemented the best technology out there for mobile gaming. They employ HTML5 to allow them to attach large and complicated games to gaming URLs to play as web apps instead of domestic downloads to your device as they used to be required.

When you follow the link to the gaming URL you will be instructed to calibrate your devices visual size to that of the game's dimensions. From there, the game will take over your device as if it were a native app, temporarily download essential components to your device that will delete themselves when you're finished, and grant you access to the game on your mobile device.