Tezos Online Casinos Guide For 2024

An All-Inclusive Guide to Online Casino Websites Accepting Tezos XTZ

Tezos Gambling IconOnline casinos accepting Tezos as a banking option will soon be available, so we have created this guide to inform you on exactly what you need to know in order to take advantage of this exciting new cryptocurrency. If you don’t know what Tezos (XTZ) is, it’s a new smart contract platform that functions on its own blockchain technology that its founders have been developing since 2014.

Tezos seeks to eliminate problems other cryptocurrencies have had in the past but offering state of the art self-governance, formal verification, and assigned proof of stake. The goal of Tezos is emblazoned upon their homepage as “establishing a true digital commonwealth.” The future of the new crypto is still unknown but judging from the incredible support that it garnered from its crowdfunding campaign to get off the ground, we are positive that it will hit online casinos along with other Tezos gambling sites rapidly as they see the value start to increase.

Legitimate And Trusted Online Casino Sites That Accept Tezos (XTZ) In 2024

Trusted HandshakeIn the coming months, when Tezos hits the online casino industry, these are the websites that are likely to add those options to their banking services first. These websites listed below have been under intense scrutiny by our team of specialists that have been in the industry for over 21 years.

Out of hundreds of websites up for inspection these are the only ones that made it through our vetting process. They are all located in reputable online gambling jurisdictions and have acquired the licenses that they need to run all the games that they offer. They are all legal for Americans and most citizens around the world.

Site NameBonus OfferU.S.Visit Site
Bovada Casino100% Max $4,500U.S. FlagVisit Site
Slots.lv Casino100% Max $7,500U.S. FlagVisit Site

Are Tezos Online Casinos Legal To Use In 2024?

They are. The online casinos accepting Tezos are already legally a part of the billion-dollar online casino industry and have been operating for quite some time. There will undoubtedly be some websites to open up that will only accept XTZ, but until then we can only speak to the ones that are currently in operation. In the international markets, the gambling regulations are known to be less prohibitive than those that are in the United States. This is true for not only online casino gambling, but also for Tezos Sports Betting and Tezos online poker.

For non-US markets, there are simply more online gambling options. None of the various online gambling jurisdictions globally have tried to step in and regulate any cryptocurrencies and therefore, if your country allows legalized online casino gambling, by default, they should also allow it to be done with the use of Tezos. We highly suggest that you take a look into your country's online gambling laws before completing any registrations.

For Americans, online gambling with Tezos falls into the same category as general online casino gambling and that is completely legal. The difference between America and the rest of the world when it comes to Tezos online casinos is that while these businesses are legal to patronize under the proper circumstances, they are not legal to operate in most of the US. There are currently only two states in the country that allow legalized online casino gambling business to operate domestically and those states have legally restricted their customer bases to only customers that are located within those states.

For the citizens that live in those states, or in any of the other states and territories that the US claims sovereignty over, (with the exception of Washington state) the legal Tezos Online Casinos that are located offshore in legal gambling jurisdictions and hold the appropriate regulation as per the services that they offer are completely legal for you to patronize at will and use Tezos as soon as those options become available.

What Games Can I Play at Online Casinos?

Online casinos accepting Tezos have some of the largest libraries of games in the whole online gambling industry.  You will automatically notice hundreds upon hundreds of different gaming options for slots, 3d slots, video slots, progressives, and mega spin slots, with different reel variations to boot. Table games will be listed for you to display the different styles of baccarat, roulette, craps and blackjack. Specialty games will also have their own sub section, which includes keno, scratch cards, rummy, tri card poker, bingo, and many more. New games are constantly being updated and added to libraries so it’s worth it to take a look at all the new games on a regular basis.

Can I Play for Free at Tezos Online Casinos?

The free play option at licensed online casinos accepting Tezos is absolutely essential to learn how to play these games with out wasting your XTZ on simply not knowing where to click. Most of the time even experienced casino patrons need a chance to play these games in the new format online to really get a feel for how they are played. Free play offers you the chance to get to know the system, understand how to use the new functions while you’re playing, and when and where to click instead of rolling the dice yourself.

What Promotions Are There At Online Casinos?

Promotions and bonuses are big business for online casino websites. They are their main incentives used in motivating patrons to choose their brands over their competitors. The first online casinos that start to use Tezos as banking options will undoubtedly start to roll out bonuses that are specific to the use of the new crypto.

Currently, there are already bonuses and promotions around the industry that support the use of Bitcoin so only time will tell if the model folds over onto Tezzies. Regardless there is one bonus in the industry that you just simply cannot do without. That’s the match bonus that’s commonly advertised as the “Welcome Bonus”. If a website doesn’t offer you something for signing up, then find another that will.

There are so many out there that have welcome bonuses that signing up with one that doesn’t is doing a disservice to yourself. The welcome match bonus will take the amount of your first XTZ deposit or series of deposits depending on the website and match it according to a certain percentage that have set. It's not uncommon to get your first deposit doubled for use in their systems as a “100% Welcome Bonus” is certainly not uncommon among online casino sites accepting Tezos.

What Are The Banking Options Besides Tezos?

The mainstay of online gambling websites has always been bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Tezos travel in and out of online casino accounts more fluidly than any other banking method. They are decentralized and offer no chance of arbitrary fees being attached to their processing by over reaching government agencies. Their digital nature allows them to travel in and out of these accounts instantly and without any annoying processing times.

Aside from the cryptos, there is a plethora of fiat banking options that will also be available. Visa and MasterCard are the most common options. They are also among the most convenient with usually no or low processing fees and little to no processing times depending on your situations and bank.

For Americans, however, these can only be used as deposit options because of federal banking regulations set by the US government. For Americans or anyone else that doesn’t wish to use these methods for withdrawal, using popular money transfer organizations like MoneyGram and Western Union are the next best options along with having a check sent by post or courier.

Can I Play Tezos Online Casino Games On My Mobile Device?

You can. A nice range of casino games are available on mobile devices thanks to the advancements made in the programming languages that allow developers to host these games on their own sites. Before HTML5, those same developers had to rely on outside hosting which was problematic for gambling applications because the Google Play Store and the iPhone's App Store only admit fantasy betting apps for hosting.

As of 2024, not only can you play these games directly from a web page as if it were a web-app, you no longer need to download and carry the app on your device taking up precious space for photos of your dogs.