Tezos Online Gambling Guide 2024

An Introduction Into Online Gambling With Tezos XTZ In 2024

Tezos Gambling IconWhere most cryptos that we have seen launch directly into an Initial Coin Offering campaign, Tezos has been building their own blockchain from nothing for a long time. The focus of their team is to deliver self-governance and decentralization in a way that other cryptocurrency platforms have fallen short on in the past. This will be key when the currency becomes more stable and makes its way into the online gambling industry.

Kathleen and Arthur Breitman are the leads behind this new foray into blockchain technology and have experience working for companies like Goldman Sachs and the blockchain consortium R3 before beginning this venture. They have a philosophy that blockchain technology is the technology that will set us free by strongly emphasizing security, transparency, and governance by consensus in their new project, Tezos.

Most Trusted Online Gambling Sites That Accept Tezos (XTZ) In 2024

Trusted HandshakeTezos has just launched their betanet on July 1st, 2018.  Once the blockchain mainnet is live and tested thoroughly, we will have a better idea of which gambling sites if any will support Tezos coins also known as Tezzies. Meanwhile below are a couple of bitcoin friendly casinos that we can recommend.  These sites are extremely reputable and have never missed a payout.  Plus they offer some of the biggest bonuses in the industry for using Bitcoin.

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What Is Tezos?

Tezos is a new attempt at blockchain technology that addresses the concerns that some are drawing for other decentralized platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is, itself a decentralized blockchain which seeks to establish a “true digital commonwealth”. According to the Tezos offical website, Tezos will use a technique called “formal verification” that mathematically proves the validity of the code that administers transactions. This will act to boost the security of the smart contracts that will be offered on this new blockchain technology.

How To Use  Your Tezzies

The ICO fundraising campaign began on July 1st, 2017 and allows people to publicly access and buy the Tezo tokens names tezzies. From there, you will use your tezzies the same what you use any other digital cryptocurrency, either trade them for goods and services from providers that recognize and accept them as viable forms of currency, or fund smart contracts on the Tezo blockchain that you believe in. Simply download your eWallet, buy your tezzies, and store them in your wallet for later trading when the network fully launches. One of the main expected uses for your tezzies will be in legal online casino websites. Online casino websites thrive with cryptocurrencies because they are decentralized with no national boundaries and operate digitally making all transfers instant.

Casinos That Accept Tezos

With the new cryptocurrency technology emerging, legal Tezos online casinos will undoubtedly take notice. We expect online gambling websites to make depositing and withdrawing tezzies available to everyone as soon as the platform takes off and with popular personalities like Tim Draper publicly investing in Tezos, that could happen sooner rather than later. Some games that we expect to be at Tezos casinos will include all the basic variations of Roulette, Video Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack and of course the easiest transition will be with the Slots and 3d Slots.

Poker Sites That Accept Tezos

Along with the casino websites hitting the latest in cryptocurrencies, you can bet that the poker brands will quickly follow suit. Legal Tezos online poker rooms have their own software that will likely include deposit options for tezzies in the near future. You will be able to play all the popular forms of poker through these software applications and betting your tezzies in high, medium, and low stakes games. You will have your choice of Omaha hold’em, Texas Hold’em, Americana, 32 card draw, and all the different variations of stud poker that are available throughout the legal online poker industry.

Sports Betting Sites That Accept Tezos

The next logical step would be in Tezos sports betting. Soon we expect you to be able to use your tezzies to place bets on all the latest money lines in your favorite legal online sportsbooks. As soon as the world of legal online gambling starts to accept the new tezzies as a payment option you will have the option to place bets on even the most unique sports around the globe. Sports like Biathlons in Germany or Austria, maybe online gaming arenas like DOTA 2 or League of Legends. Or, perhaps you would like to speculate on how long President Trump will stay in office? All of these bets are made available in online sports gambling websites and will soon be available to use with your tezzies.

Tezos FAQs

How Can I Buy And Store Tezos Tokens (Tezzies)?

The Tezos ICO has just officially ended and there is currently no way to buy more Tezo blocks until the network is fully up and running. When the network is up and running you will have the chance to buy tezzies and store them in an eWallet of your choosing.

How Is Tezos Different From The Other Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin, And Ether?

Bitcoin, Ether, and Tezzies are all digital cryptocurrencies that run on blockchain technology. They are all digital ledgers that keep track of transactions. Bitcoin is only that, Ether add smart contract where people can crowdsource software applications. Tezos has added onto that by making the smart contract platform that Ethereum runs on totally independent and self-governing. Tezos puts the power in the hands of the shareholders rather than the miners and developers and by doing, according to them, will accomplish true decentralization and real self-governance of their blockchain transactions. This will eliminate the hard forks and gridlocks that have been created by Bitcoin and Ethereum that have led to market stop losses and down turns.

What Are The Advantages To Using Tezos To Gamble Online?

The Tezos tokens, tezzies, are completely decentralized which means that there are no political lines to be crossed or countries to place arbitrary fees on the transactions of such a currency. This means that the likelihood of free transfers in and out of your gambling wallets is very high and we would even venture to say it’s almost certain. The currency, like all other cryptocurrencies, is entirely digital and will also make for instant processing times in and out of your gambling accounts as well.

Which Exchanges Will Offer Tezos Trading?

This hasn't been determined yet.  After the official launch, we will update our site accordingly and list any and all exchanges.

What Is A Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a digital protocol that was designed to expedite, corroborate, and apply the terms of a contract. Its basically programmable money, you program the money to only be released to the other party under specific terms. When you get what you bought, the money automatically gets sent. There are no more needs for a third party intermediary.

How Does Tezos Govern Itself?

This is one of the main differences in Tezos from other cryptos. The idea is that a hard fork, like the one seen on bitcoin’s blockchain, should be seen as a last resort when there are no more options. The self-governance applies to upgrading the blockchain based on the needs of everyone. Developers will submit their proposals for updates, Tezos users then vote on the proposal. In the proposal is an invoice by the developer as a request for compensation for the work she did to develop the update. This eliminates the need for sponsors or donations.

What's The Current Value Of A Tezos Token (Tezzie)

According to cryptocompare.com, at the time of this writing, 1 Tezzie is worth $2.09 USD.

Who Founded Tezos?

Arthur and Kathleen Breitman have been hard at work on the Tezos blockchain since 2014 with a team of hand picked developers to help them work out the bugs. The Tezos team raised $232 million dollars in a fundraiser before Tezos was released in a period of about 2 weeks, which is the reason why we think Tezos will be the next big thing in the crypto world.  It certainly has a lot more to offer than the majority of cryptos already launched.